Randy Gibb

Randy Gibbs

Folsom, CA Jenny’s brother, Graham’s uncle, Founder & Executive Director

Randy is Jenny’s and Becky’s older brother and Graham’s uncle. He spent 9 years on the World Cup circuit as service technician and coach for the U.S. and Australian
Ski Teams including both the Vancouver and Sochi Olympic Games. He enjoys spending time with his daughter, skiing, cycling, running, playing guitar, fishing, going to rock and roll shows and baseball games.

Elizabeth Hopfenspirger

Elizabeth Hopfenspirger

Excelsior, MN President & Clinical Outreach Director

Elizabeth is an RN, MSN and Family Nurse Practitioner. She has achieved her clinical doctorate in nursing for Psych/Mental Health NP. Elizabeth is a survivor of postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, and postpartum OCD. She resides in Excelsior with her husband, Michael, and their three young children, Evan, Marin and Quinn. Elizabeth enjoys yoga, running, live music and meeting new people.

Bob Gibbs – Minnetonka, MN

Bob Gibbs

Maple Grove, MN Jenny’s Father, Graham’s grandfather Founder & Financial Director

Bob is a retired biology teacher who continues to teach and coach swimming at Wayzata Country Club during the summer. An avid fisherman, Bob also likes to bike and walk with his wife Sandy.

Becky Gibbs Lavelle – Los Gatos, CA

Becky Gibbs Lavelle

Aptos, CA Jenny’s twin sister, Graham’s aunt Founder & honorary board member

Becky was born in Minneapolis Minnesota on December 5, 1974, sixteen minutes before her fraternal twin sister Jenny. Her brother Randy is 4 years older than her. Growing up she was a competitive swimmer and attended LSU on a swimming scholarship. Becky received a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and became a professional triathlete in 1998. She’s been training and racing since then, competing all over the world. She has also done some coaching and personal training over the years. Becky married fellow triathlete Brian Lavelle on December 28, 2002.

Becky's Race Bike